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We put people first. Always have done, and always will. By empowering our team through a shared set of values, not only are we able to build better partnerships with our clients, you’re able to enjoy the freedom to learn and evolve from the very first day you join us. We know how important your career is (that goes without saying) but we don’t just focus on progression, but on every aspect of your well being – because we believe this should never be compromised. Want to find out what a career at Waterstons is really like? Let some of our lovely team share their stories.

Michael Stirrup
Michael Stirrup
Michael’s story is a great example of career progression at Waterstons. Having joined the company in 2006 as an account and also as part of our Business Consulting team, his role has developed over the last 15 years to becoming Finance Director in 2011 to taking on the role of CEO in 2021.
Adam is a business consultant responsible for getting to know our clients in detail. From helping clients define their key challenges to finding solutions to meet business needs.
Ajaib Singh
Consulting & Compliance Director
Working with a number of service leads to improve the services and quality we provide, Ajaib is responsible for ensuring continuous development of our people and their skills.
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman
Senior Software Delivery Lead
Amy is responsible for managing the delivery of varied projects for our clients, alongside our technical teams.
Andrew Buckingham
Andrew Buckingham
Senior Software Consultant
Andrew spends his time architecting, building, and delivering software applications to help clients see results and just all round being helpful.
Katharina Hein
Project Manager
Katharina is an expert at bringing order to chaos. Making sure everything that needs to be accomplished by whom and by when is done.
Helen Headshot
Helen Fawcett
Senior Principal - Manufacturing
Helen spends her time looking after her brilliant team, winning high-level consultancy working for our clients and looking after a lot of our big Higher Education clients.
Clair Hillier
Clair Hillier
Head of Digital Delivery Management
Clair looks after the range of software delivery consultancy services that we offer to our clients, enabling them to deliver their services successfully.


We’ll always consider creating new opportunities when the right people come along. So take a browse through our vacancies, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make sure you still say hi – you never know what the future holds.

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Values and culture

By building our team and business on a shared set of values, our clients tell us they can feel the difference. They can see we all care. And they know that every piece of advice is driven by a passion for their organisation; not a profit for ours.

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Your development

This bit’s simple. Your personal development means that we’re developing as a business too. So every career comes with the freedom to learn and progress. There simply aren’t any limits to what you can achieve with Waterstons.

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