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Personal development isn’t a perk at Waterstons – it’s a necessity. Our industry is always evolving, and the only way we’ll stay relevant is if our people embrace new skills and knowledge at every opportunity. So that’s exactly what we encourage. After all, if you’re developing in your career, it means we’re improving as a team too.

Progressive culture

We know career development isn’t just about training – it’s about the environment and culture too. Great people should feel free to do great work, not worry about getting permission or getting tied-up in politics. That’s why we have an anti- hierarchical hierarchy, where each individual is empowered to make a difference, with plenty of room to learn, develop and progress.

This is all underpinned by our unlimited learning budget. Forget the financial caps or restrictions, we trust our people to take on as much (or as little) learning and development as feels right for each person. Because we know that investing in new skills and knowledge will always benefit our team, our business and our clients.

Career development

Values and culture

By building our team and business on a shared set of values, our clients tell us they can feel the difference. They can see we all care. And they know that every piece of advice is driven by a passion for their organisation; not a profit for ours.

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Our team

We’re proud of our people. They’re smart, creative, caring and switched on. And whatever their expertise, role or seniority, they all share the same passion for our clients, and the same belief in the transformational power of technology.

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Diversity, equality and inclusion

We believe any team is strongest when it’s made-up of people from diverse and varied backgrounds. So our DEI team work hard to ensure everyone feels included, welcomed and fulfilled. Enjoying a true sense of belonging.

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