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We’ve always promised to put people first, and hopefully our wellbeing plan is a bit of proof in the pudding. We think a happier, healthier team is more productive, more effective and more enjoyable to be part of. And that’s exactly why we focus so much on every aspect of wellbeing – both inside and outside of work.

Your health and happiness

We’ve got unlimited holidays (yes you heard that right), employee assistance programmes, free eye tests, free flu jabs, family-friendly policies and much more. Pop down to any of our offices and you’ll find more fruit bowls and healthy snacks than you can shake a banana at. There's support for people starting (or growing) families, and if you ever get unwell, there’s generous sick pay to take the pressure off while you recover. If we’ve missed anything, we’re open to suggestions!

Dawn Ward

Associate Director - People and Culture

"We know our people are our greatest strength, so we're passionate about giving them the trust and freedom to make a difference."

Meet Dawn

Your liberated work life

We've been offering unlimited annual leave and flexible working since we started because it's part of our people-first approach. Maybe that’s a little sign of the pioneering principles at the heart of our business. But it also shows our belief in work-life balance, and it’s a sign of the trust and freedom that every single member of the team enjoys. And those are exactly the attributes that ensure you feel liberated and free to make a difference if you choose to join our team.

Team wellbeing

Advice and thoughts from our team

Hussein Ali
Written byHussein Ali
People & Culture | May 2021

It's fair to say 2020 and 2021 have had a substantial influence on most people. As Covid 19 took hold globally, restrictions on everyday life started to impact both physical and mental health. As we begin to emerge from this pandemic it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve learnt and how we can use this in future.  In short, how has the pandemic helped us to become more resilient?