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James Bell
Written byJames Bell
Data & Analytics
Jul 2022

What does it mean to be a data-driven organisation?

Data is everywhere. From what you look at on your phone to your favourite Netflix shows; brands are able to use it to get what you like (or they think you like) in front of your eyes.  

Richard Hall
Written byRichard Hall
Technology Consulting, Data & Analytics
Jul 2022

Are you maximising or just manufacturing your data?

Manufacturing has remained consistent since the days of Henry Ford’s production line. That is, until the digital revolution.

Craig Archdeacon
Written byCraig Archdeacon
Cyber Security, Cyber Security Strategy
Jul 2022

Cyber security isn’t everything (by a cyber security expert)

As a cybersecurity and resilience consultant with 10 years’ experience, it goes without saying that my primary focus in my everyday working life is to ensure that my clients’ systems are safe,…

Kieran Fowler
Written byKieran Fowler
Cyber Security
Jul 2022

Cybersecurity: de-risk your business

40% of businesses in Australia were the victims of cyber crime in 2021. 

Clair Hillier
Written byClair Hillier
Future of Work
Jul 2022

A day in the life of Clair Hillier

When we talk about flexible working, we really mean it.

Working from home to us actually means working from anywhere; spend a day with Clair, our head of digital delivery management in the…

Sarah Cunningham Headshot
Written bySarah Cunningham
Cyber Security
Jul 2022

Does hacking make me a criminal?

What do you think when you hear the word ‘Hacker’?

We’re guessing a scary figure behind a computer screen; hoodie up, mask on, hiding behind the anonymity of a virtual world. 

Chris Anderson
Written byChris Anderson
Technology Consulting
Jul 2022

The end is nigh

Perhaps we don’t need to be quite so dramatic, but the deprecation of basic authentication in Exchange Online isn’t something to be ignored.

Alex Waterston
Written byAlex Waterston
Technology Consulting, Bespoke Software
Jul 2022

A whole new MetaVerse

We did it - we ran a meeting in the MetaVerse. Find out how it went from our Associate Director for Innovation and Leadership, Alex Waterston.