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Marcus Perera
Written byMarcus Perera
Managed Services

Choosing the Right IT Partner: The Ultimate Checklist for Australian Businesses

Managing IT in today's fast-paced technological landscape is challenging, especially for small or overstretched teams, leading to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. To address this, many…

Charlie hales smiling
Written byCharlie Hales
Cyber Security

Award-Winning Dedication: Waterstons Shines with Business in NSW and Cyber Daily Nominations

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted at not one but two awards in 2024.

Ryan Williams
Written byRyan Williams
Cyber Security

Preventing the Next Big Breach: Key Takeaways from MediSecure’s Cyber Attack

It seems that hardly a day goes by here in Australia that we don’t hear of another massive breach. The unfortunate truth is this is going to get worse before it starts getting better. The…

30 Years of Waterstons

April 1st 2024, marked an extraordinary milestone in our journey – our 30th anniversary. As we proudly commemorate three decades of Waterstons and Waterstons Australia; we reflect on the…

picture of Max Muir
Written byMax Muir
Cyber Security

February Cyber Attack News

Security researchers have identified an ongoing spear-phishing campaign targeting – and successfully compromising - Azure accounts belonging to senior leadership employees in dozens of…

picture of Max Muir
Written byMax Muir
Cyber Security

Microsoft: Cyber Incident Review

Microsoft emails breached by nation state threat actors. Microsoft has revealed that it was targeted by nation state threat actors, Midnight Blizzard, which resulted in the …

Alex Bookless
Written byAlex Bookless

2024: Tech Trends, AI, Cyber Crime and More

As we settle into the new year, we asked our Technical Director, Alex Bookless, to share his insights into the technology trends we can expect to be big in 2024. 

Michael Stirrup
Written byMichael Stirrup

2023: That's A Wrap

“Ultimately, this year we have cemented our goal and our purpose to translate business problems into technical solutions that help organisations to grow, add value and thrive." Learn more about…