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picture of Max Muir
Written byMax Muir
Cyber Security Strategy
Dec 2021

What is social media phishing and how can it affect you and your business?

With over 1.3 billion users a day, social media is becoming a favourite target for many hackers. We are often made aware of scams through email, text, and phone calls but many people are less…

Andrey Derevyanko
Written byAndrey Derevyanko
Cyber Security, Cyber Security Strategy
Oct 2021

Waterstons partner with Avertro to offer cybersecurity ‘Team and Tech’ solution

Cybersecurity efforts in Australia are being held back due to resources, cyber-specific capability, and technology. We are here to fix that. Now.

Dan O'Hara
Written byDan O'Hara
Cloud, Technology Consulting
Sep 2021

We’re spending $300 BILLION on cloud in 2021, is that money well spent?

Originally published in the London Business Matters magazine (LCCI). Read our recent column on getting the most out of Cloud...

Michael Kocharians
Written byMichael Kocharians
Cyber Security, Security Manager as a Service, Managed Security
Aug 2021

All is fair in Love, War and Anti-Virus Evasion

Are Anti-Virus Solutions all you need to secure your business from threats?

Beverley Robinson
Written byBeverley Robinson
Data Protection and GDPR, Security Manager as a Service
Aug 2021

Taming the (GDPR) Monster under the bed

The term ‘GDPR’ has become like that annoying hit record that stayed at number 1 for 13 weeks! We’re all fed up of the constant inbox filling emails about GDPR seminars and meetings to the point…

Stewart Hogg
Written byStewart Hogg
Cyber Security, Cyber Security Strategy
Jul 2021

5 top tips to cyber secure your business

In this video, Stew Hogg, our Head of Cyber Resilience, talks through 5 things you can do to secure your business.

Ryan O'Kell Headshot
Written byRyan O'Kell
Cyber Security
Jul 2021

How good enumeration and a little Open Source Intelligence can lead to a deep compromise


Rob Colclough
Written byRob Colclough
Future of Work
Jul 2021

Three Challenges of Hybrid Working

Originally published in the London Business Matters magazine (LCCI). Read our recent column on the hybrid working...