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Energy is an industry like no other. The unique challenges of a safety critical environment. The unique pressures of being key to the national infrastructure. Not to mention the unique risks and consequences if things go wrong. Combined with the fast pace of change and quickening shift towards renewables, this only emphasises the need to know you can truly trust the resilience of your technology infrastructure… not to mention your technology partner.

End-to-end energy expertise

That’s where we come in. We’ve been taking accountability – and taking away pressure – from many of the industry’s most integral organisations for almost three decades. Helping clients to not only meet regulatory compliance, but to drive higher standards in systems, safety and resilience, becoming a benchmark that pushes the industry forwards.

People tell us the breadth and depth of our experience is almost unparalleled, and we’d like to think they’re right. We’re proud to partner with many of the most transformative organisations in energy, with proven end-to-end experience spanning refineries, bulk liquids, petrochemicals, off-shore and renewables. We also support a range of enabling industries and supply chain organisations too, meaning you’ll benefit from the broadest possible sector understanding.

Everything we do comes with the reassurance of industry-leading cyber credentials. And whether we’re working with organisations in a period of transformation, optimising their efficiency and productivity, or enabling the continued improvement of their processes, we create uniquely tailored technology solutions that help our energy sector clients work more smartly, more securely, and more safely.

Energy Clients

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