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Justin Whelan

Cloud Solutions Architect

Justin Whelan

My role at Waterstons is...

I work for Waterstons as a Cloud Architect, concentrating on Azure. Since arriving, I have worked with some fantastic organisations and assist them to understand how Cloud computing can benefit their companies. After working with multiple managed service providers in the past, I find Waterstons openness and honesty both to themselves and their customers very refreshing. From here, I am hoping to assist our customers to get the best out of Azure, in all its many shapes and sizes.

My life away from work is...

Anything which gets me away from my keyboard and mouse. I have a home gym setup, and can often be seen walking, running or cycling around the local area. More recently, I’ve become a bit of a DIY enthusiast after investing in my first real toolset a couple of years ago.

I’ll be with you when...

You're transitioning from your on-premises environment to the cloud or trying to get the best use out of your current cloud resources.