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What is a Business' DNA?

This short course provides insight into how important the DNA of a business is to both your customers and your employees.


This course covers a topic that I find very interesting to watch and observe within Waterstons – it’s all about organisational dynamics and, above all, what makes the business tick.

I’ve worked at Waterstons for many years and came here practically as a graduate software developer – over time I moved down through the organisation (we have an inverted hierarchy) and have found myself as a director of the business. My role over the years has changed from direct delivery to the customer, to supporting and leading people who are supporting others to do the delivery – so my focus now is all about people and making sure we live up to the standards we expect of ourselves and what our customers have come to expect from us.

Part of my role is ensuring that everything we do is in line with our business’ DNA and that as we grow and scale we ensure that the ‘non negotiables’ on which the company was founded are adhered to. It’s not easy, particularly as over the last few years we have grown in headcount quickly, but it is one of the most important parts of the job – to ensure we remain true to ourselves and to why we exist.

I’ve pulled together some of my views along with the ideas from the established gurus out there – hopefully it will provide you with some insight and food for thought!

20 minutes

20 minutes