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Jul 2021

5 top tips to cyber secure your business

In this video, Stew Hogg, our Head of Cyber Resilience, talks through 5 things you can do to secure your business.

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Video Transcript

Hi there I'm Stu Hogg, I'm head of cyber resilience at Waterston's and I'm here to share with you five top tips that you can use to make your business cyber secure at this time.

Tip number one: Brief your boardroom on the evolving cyber threat in particular we're seeing a large increase in coverage related phishing emails but also ransomware and invoice fraud and armed with its threat information business leaders can make the right decisions about where to target resource and prioritize investment.

Tip number two: Train your staff to be a human firewall this means equipping them to spot phishing emails to report them quickly but also to select good quality passwords and to consider the security of their remote working environment.

Tip number three: Consider your supply chain and shadow IT risk it's really easy to start up new services in the cloud nowadays even on a credit card but do you really know where your data is and is it in a country that abides by our data protection legislation our advice risk assess any new service before you approve it to be used by staff

Tip number four: Get the technical basics right this means in particular using multi-factor authentication where you can ensure that you're protected against that phishing threat also look at the government's cyber essential scheme which looks at five key technical controls that you can use to make your IT infrastructure as secure as it can be.

Tip number five: Develop a cyber-resilient culture because a project isn't going to cut it and we need to make sure our organizations have security by design in everything we do this means empowering people to spot improvements and to develop a risk-based plan which looks across the domains of people process and technology to ensure that you are secure as you can be.

We've included a few resources below which will hopefully help on your security journey and if I or anyone else's Waterston's team can be of assistance please do let us know.

Additional resources

National Cyber Security Centre

Information Commissioners Office

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How we can help!

If you want to find out more about how Waterston can help level up your cyber security then please get in touch. Or, you can take a look at our cyber security services to find out how we can help you.