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Apr 2021

Workflow Automation

PD Ports had over time implemented several new systems including a data warehouse system, an ERP system, and a port management system to provide them with the information they needed to run their business efficiently. All excellent systems in their own right – but how could they make them even more effective? We talked to PD Ports about the power of integration, and how a workflow platform could bring together information and streamline their business processes.

Results at a glance

  • Integration of multiple platforms to streamline business process and drive decision making
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Automation of manual tasks for improved efficiency
  • A solution that can adapt and flex according to need

A leading process automation tool was selected to accelerate workflow – it would support the port’s business systems and a long-term integration solution with their new ERP business system, IFS. 

We planned and carried out the installation, providing on-site consulting and development expertise to assist with the creation of workflows.   

The first step was to tackle Proof of Delivery scanning (POD scanning). PD Ports manage a fleet of drivers who obtain signed receipts for each delivery. These receipts are then stored and retrieved for enquires and invoicing. We crafted a solution that brought together the process automation tool, SharePoint, and InfoPath. So now, receipts that are scanned by the PD Ports team are automatically matched to the relevant job. If the job number isn’t found, the process automation tool automatically emails the relevant contact to correct the information. If a customer requests a copy of the scanned proof of delivery, it is automatically picked up and processed. We’ve mentioned automatic a lot, and that’s a good thing. But automation needs to be teamed with flexibility – so with PD Ports, we made sure our solution could adapt to their changing needs.

"With the help of Waterstons PD Ports was able to turn around a required spot solution into a strategic platform. Waterstons helped us to develop the first process on K2 to address the POD scanning. The result is immediate cost savings and improved business process speed. For PD Ports, K2 will be the strategic platform to build business logic outside of off-the-shelf business applications and to avoid customisation."

Marco van den Bremer-Hornsby

IT Director

Collaborating with us where needed, the choice of technologies has enabled PD Ports to implement a number of other workflow processes. It’s easy for “non-technical” users to tweak and extend interfaces and workflow logic. Automating processes, integrating systems, and staying flexible – and we’re pleased to have been PD Port’s partner in that process.