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May 2024

Sisense Hit by Cyberattack

Business analytics SaaS provider, Sisense, has been hit by a cyberattack, prompting CISA to warn of subsequent attacks.


Information Security Consultant

What Happened?

On April 11th, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a warning about an attack on Sisense, which provides AI-driven business analytics for over 2,000 organisations worldwide, that could impact Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).​

CISA warned organisations using Sisense to reset any credentials used to access the providers’ services, as well as any credentials or secrets that could have been exposed to a Sisense service. While more specific details about the attack are unknown, the warning from CISA suggests the incident could be a significant breach, with the potential for further attacks on organisations using the platform. ​  

Wider Implications

Supply chain attacks continue to be one of the most challenging areas of cyber security for organisations. Over the past few years, several major supply chain attacks - such as 3CX and MOVEit - have demonstrated to both organisations and threat actors the widespread impact of a single incident. This continuing rise in supply chain compromises is forcing organisations to focus closely on their security, ensuring suppliers are regularly reviewed against their own standards, as well as monitoring the supplier for cyber incidents that would require a response.   

Organisations Should:

  • Review if they are using Sisense and if so, follow CISA guidance which includes changing all passwords and any services exposed to it, as well as monitoring for any unusual activity in recent weeks.​

  • Use a risk-based process to review suppliers; assessing the security posture of the supplier, and the ‘secure design’ of the solution being procured. This review process should also identify critical dependencies which can be used to inform incident response and business continuity planning.​

  • Consider reviewing any operational dependencies on SaaS solutions, and ensure contingency planning takes place for the event of an outage or major cyberattack on the supplier.

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