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We have specialists on hand to help navigate your data protection queries and GDPR obligations. Whether you require a boardroom briefing or simply need to validate that you have the essentials in place, we will work with you to make sure to personal information is always protected.

Information Security and Data Protection are now inseparable topics

We know that Information Security and Data Protection are now inseparable topics. We all have an obligation to not only validate that the personal data we hold is secure but also to confirm that it’s being processed in a fair, transparent and legal manner.

Everyone holds personal information of some sort. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings additional responsibilities to organisations which control or process personal information. We’ll ensure you comply with this legislation, and help you understand the movement of personal data within your business through data mapping initiatives, as well as assessing any risks which may impact your compliance now or in the future.

Data Protection and GDPR

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