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Dan Burrows

Executive Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant

Dan Burrows

My role at Waterstons is...

I work with clients who are buying and selling businesses to help them make informed decisions on appropriate technology and systems whether they're starting a new business, integrating a new purchase, or splitting a business from an existing group. I also work with clients, large and small, to address new and existing business requirements, using technology and systems to help them work sustainably, effectively, and securely, anytime, anywhere.

My proudest Waterstons moment is...

I don't have one - I'm proud of all the work we do!

My life away from work is...

As an engineer at heart, my life away from work revolves around designing, building, or repairing things. My most recent projects have included converting a carpet fitters' van into a luxury 2-berth motorhome, a full mechanical rebuild of my classic 90's Rover Coupe, and a front-end renovation of my daily-driver BMW V8 convertible. I also enjoy walking, travelling (for work or pleasure), and cooking.

I’ll be with you when...

You want to prepare your business for sale; are buying a business and need to understand its technology and systems; or need advice, support, or guidance on solving a business challenge with an innovative solution.

My sector strengths are...

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Transport
  • Energy
  • Professional Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction