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Apr 2024

Jira Housekeeping for Bede Gaming

When completed, the Jira housekeeping project enabled Bede Gaming to improve delivery processes, reduce their operating costs, and better manage their Atlassian stack through Waterstons' technical and change management expertise.

Senior Software Delivery Lead

Bede Gaming, a leading supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries, had been using their Jira instance since 2012. Over time, the solution had grown organically, leading to a proliferation of Jira projects, workflows, custom fields, and minor integrations. Administration had become difficult, and access control was complex. Bede Gaming needed a solution to these problems, and Waterstons was there to help.

What we did

The Jira Housekeeping project was initiated to:

- Evaluate Bede Gaming's current delivery processes across departments.

- Build a consistent version of these processes, adhering to their quality control policies, within Jira to support delivery across departments.

- Clean up the current Jira instance.

- Migrate existing Jira projects, and their teams, to a consistent configuration leading to reduce administration overhead.

- Support the organisation throughout the change management process.

This activity wasn’t planned, and only came about when our Senior Technology Consultant, Chris Rich noticed that Bede's Jira instance was in need of support while working on another project. After several discussions with Bede's Director of Delivery and Chief Quality Officer, an initial action list was created to achieve the project objectives.

After several workshops with stakeholders to validate the delivery processes, a first draft of the processes was built, and a wider stakeholder group was engaged to gather feedback and understand how the processes would be received. This also enabled the stakeholders to talk about the upcoming changes with their teams, enabling more organic engagement from the organisation.

Bede Gaming identified additional requirements for their teams during the project, so there was an initial need for more demos to teach the organisation how to take advantage of various features within Jira and the Atlassian stack. The added requirements were managed and solved through Waterstons' change request process.

The outcome

As a result of the Jira Housekeeping project, Bede Gaming was able to build upon a solid delivery process foundation within the Atlassian instance. The organisation can now improve existing processes and deploy changes consistently with little effort, supported by the Atlassian stack that

upholds their standards, while more time can be focused on the development of their amazing teams. Changes to the delivery processes across the entire organisation can be managed and governed more effectively, and it’s now much easier to replicate conformant delivery processes and user access permissions for new projects with just one button click.

Bede Gaming values and trusts the opinion, insight, and skills of the Waterstons team, enabling us to enhance the value of the Atlassian stack, make recommendations on future initiatives and objectives to strive for, and offer advice and support whenever needed across a range of services and teams.